APC Packaging Releases In-Stock PCR Jars & Caps

Brands are moving towards more sustainable packaging but searching for an elegant jar and cap that is produced from recycled materials is difficult to find especially one that is heavy walled, elegant, and stocked and ready to ship out immediately. That’s why APC Packaging has recently released their in-stock 50% PCR Jar & Cap Series to meet the sustainability needs of skincare and beauty brands worldwide.

The new heavy walled PCR jar and cap is comprised from recycled materials. The PCR GSPP mono-material jar and cap is comprised of 50% Polypropylene (PP) and 50% PP Post Consumer Resin (PCR). This jar and cap series offers brands beauty and value while being environmentally friendly. By sticking with just one material, the entire jar and cap can be easily recycled by the consumer as one single unit.

The new PCR jar is available in 30ml and 50ml capacities. The jar is only available in white, and the cap is available in either white or matte silver. All orders are sold by the case and can be shipped out of our Fort Lauderdale, Florida warehouse within 24 hours.

For more information on PCR or MONO-MATERIAL, contact us.

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