Classic, Elegant, Sustainable. APC Packaging Has a Dropper for Every Need

From mono-material to push-button droppers, APC Packaging has All Points Covered when it comes to droppers:

Some people are after classic designs, where you want to focus on the integrity of the product, like a Boston Round Amber Glass Bottle paired with a Child Resistant Closure (CRC) and a tamper-evident seal.

Others are after a more elegant option that showcases their presence in the beauty industry, and would rather go for a Round Push Button Dropper with a glass bottle, glass pipette, and an ABS actuator and collar.

And yet, there are some who have fully committed to a circular business model and need a true sustainable solution, like a Mono-Material Dropper, which has been created with the end-consumers in mind, to ensure a beautiful experience that has a positive impact on the environment. A solution that allows for easy disposal, as it can be recycled as one unit.

To further explore these and more dropper designs both custom and in-stock, contact the APC team now and help it find the best option for your specific needs.

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