This is APC Packaging's JSY Series: A Durable Crystal Clear Dip-Tube Bottle


APC Packaging has an extensive catalog of jaw-dropping solutions for the beauty and personal care markets. The JSY series features a great, high-quality acrylic bottle that is perfect to showcase premium products, as it encompasses both classic elegance and superior quality. The brilliant delivery of its dispensing mechanism and the fantastic decoration options available have made it a fan favorite.

This adaptation of the classic dip tube bottle has an inner bottle that appears suspended within the protection of the durable crystal clear acrylic outer wall. The JSY acrylic dip tube bottles come in eight different capacities, ranging from 15 to 120ml, each with its own individual benefits. The JSY-1 bottle, for example, comes with an orifice reducer that is perfect for lotion products, and the 30ml JSY bottle is available with airless technology.

Intrigued? Contact the APC Packaging team now and learn more about the company's packaging solutions, customization options, and let us help you find the best match for your product.

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