APC Packaging Launches ERAJ: The EcoReady Refillable Airless Jar, Redefining Sustainable Beauty Packaging


APC Packaging proudly introduces ERAJ: the EcoReady Refillable Airless Jar. This groundbreaking product combines elegance and sustainability, setting a new standard in modern beauty packaging.

The ERAJ EcoReady Refillable Airless Jar boasts a center dispensing design, featuring an airtight, double-wall structure. This innovation ensures the preservation of product integrity and extends the shelf life of beauty formulations. Tailor-made for high-viscosity formulations, ERAJ is the paragon of precision, dispensing the ideal dose with every pump, while maintaining product cleanliness. As part of this revolutionary system, ERAJ includes refillable inner cups, offering the choice of a pressure-sensitive closure or service cap for added convenience.

"As a company committed to innovation and sustainability, APC Packaging is proud to launch ERAJ, the EcoReady Refillable Airless Jar. This product not only embodies elegance in design but also sets a new standard in sustainable beauty packaging. ERAJ reflects our dedication to providing beauty brands with packaging solutions that prioritize both performance and environmental responsibility" said Christina Lin, President at APC Packaging.

Elevate your beauty brand with the ERAJ EcoReady Refillable Airless Jar—a true testament to the perfect fusion of style, sustainability, and precision.

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