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Join the Refill Revolution at Cosmoprof North America with APC Packaging's EcoReady Solutions!

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Visit booth #18158 at Cosmoprof Las Vegas to check out our new Glass Airless Refillable Pump, along with other refillable jars and pumps. Let's make a positive impact on the environment together!

The Refillable Glass Airless Pump (BRGP) is a revolutionary product that seamlessly merges airless and refillable technologies within a robust, heavy-walled glass outer layer.

This beautiful solution offers a unique and forward-thinking pack in the beauty industry. The inner bottle, made from polypropylene, provides both replacement and recyclability at its core, fostering sustainability throughout the product's lifecycle. PCR can be integrated to significantly decrease your brand’s carbon footprint. The outer robust heavy-walled glass bottle and actuator components are designed for enduring reusability, ensuring the product's longevity and reducing environmental impact.

"At APC Packaging, we are thrilled to introduce the BRGP Refillable Glass Airless Pump, a product that not only revolutionizes beauty packaging but also underscores our commitment to sustainability. This innovative solution reflects our dedication to providing brands with packaging options that prioritize both performance and environmental responsibility," said Erin Gallagher, Director of Marketing.

The Refillable Glass Airless Pump stands at the forefront of eco-friendly beauty packaging, setting new standards for sustainability and innovation. This ingenious packaging solution offers a perfect blend of functionality, durability, and environmental responsibility.

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