Airless & Lightweight, the AWP is Here to Up your Sustainability Game

Designed for global beauty and skincare brands, APC Packaging's AWP series combines airless technology with a new modern look. It is lightweight to reduce your company's carbon footprint and can be produced with up to 50% PP PCR to further enhance the positive impact it has on our environment.

With the end user in mind, the actuator was developed with an ergonomic depression for easy finger placement and comfort. And, due to the airless technology, virtually 100% of the product can be distributed, an exact amount is dispensed every time and air is kept from the formula allowing a longer shelf life!

The cap is available in a low-profile or high-profile version which can be mixed and matched with various sizes for your convenience. The AWP airless series is ideal for sensitive products such as skin creams, serums, and foundations.

Try it out on our 3D Configurator.

Not able to find the packaging solution that you need? APC Packaging offers many more options including private molds. Request a free consultation with one of our packaging experts.

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