APC Packaging Makes the Recycling Process Easier for the Consumer


As the world transitions into circular business models, it is more important than ever to be able to provide consumers with convenient solutions that can actually factor into the circular chain of production. Recycling has been used as a very generic action that helps greener practices, but the truth of the matter is not enough people know how to properly recycle. All the wasted product either ends up in landfills or uses too much energy to be properly handled at recycling facilities, lessening the impact recycling has on the environment.

The best way to solve the issue is to make more convenient packs that do not require much effort from the consumer to get the job done. That's where mono-material solutions join the game.

What is Mono-Material Packaging?

Packaging composed of a single material. Because the entire solution is treated as a single object, the recycling process is much easier on the consumer and the recycler as it greatly increases the probability of the product to be recycled. There's no need for users to separate caps from bottles or disassemble an entire dropper. It can all go together into the recycling bin. This also reduces the amount of energy required to separate various materials at recycling facilities. Mono-material packs add substantially more to the circular global economy, helping eliminate the damaging waste and over usage of resources.

APC Packaging's Portfolio of Mono-Material Solutions

Ready to tackle the challenge, APC Packaging offers different sets of completely customizable stock mold mono-material solutions to fit your needs:

APC Packaging Makes the Recycling Process Easier for the Consumer

The patented, Mono-Material System Dropper has been created with the end-consumers in mind, to ensure a beautiful experience that has a positive impact on the environment. APC’s Mono-Material System will be showcased in their first stock offering which will be a 20/410 dropper with a 30ml PP bottle.

APC Packaging Makes the Recycling Process Easier for the Consumer

The HBPP series is a recyclable, high-capacity addition to the company's custom jars collection. It has large print areas for silk screening, hot-stamping, or labeling.

APC Packaging Makes the Recycling Process Easier for the Consumer

APC Packaging has recently launched its glossy 100% all Polypropylene Jar GSPP to meet the sustainability needs of skincare and beauty brands. The GSPP t is 100% Polypropylene (PP), but can also be created as 100% PP PCR which is previously recycled PP.

Want to learn more? Contact APC Packaging now and find the most sustainable solution for your packaging needs.

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