APC Packaging Grants Licensing Rights of Revolutionary Mono-Material System Dropper & Bottle to Lumson Group


APC Packaging and Lumson Group are excited to announce their collaborative partnership that will expand the manufacturing for APC Packaging's revolutionary Mono-Material System Dropper & Bottle. Lumson Group has secured the licensing rights to APC Packaging's groundbreaking Mono-Material System Dropper & Bottle.

The Mono-Material System Dropper & Bottle is an innovative packaging solution that addresses the growing need for more sustainable and environmentally friendly packaging options. Due to the mono-material nature of the packaging, this system is fully recyclable with Recycle Code 5 and reduces the environmental impact associated with traditional multi-material packaging. This collaboration between APC Packaging and Lumson Group represents a significant step forward in the pursuit of a circular economy within the beauty and skincare packaging sector.

"We are delighted to collaborate with Lumson Group and provide them with the licensing rights to our Mono-Material System Dropper & Bottle," said Lisa Lin, CEO of APC Packaging. "Lumson's reputation as a leader in the cosmetic packaging industry makes them the ideal partner to extend the reach of our sustainable packaging solution to the European market. This marks an exciting step forward in our mission to reshape the packaging landscape worldwide."

Lumson Group, with its deep-rooted expertise in crafting packaging solutions for the cosmetic industry, is enthusiastic about harnessing the potential of the Mono-Material System Dropper & Bottle. "Our partnership with APC Packaging signifies our dedication to fostering innovation and sustainability in the packaging sector."

The collaboration between APC Packaging and Lumson Group sets a new precedent for the beauty and skincare industry by offering brands a seamless path to adopting more sustainable packaging practices. Lumson's acquisition of the licensing rights for the Mono-Material System Dropper & Bottle is set to ignite a transformation towards sustainable packaging solutions, empowering brands to align with consumer preferences while reducing their ecological impact.

US Patent #11,148,131 and other patents pending.

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