APC Packaging Launches New Line of PET Boston Round Bottles


APC Packaging has launched a new line of PET Boston round bottles for the personal care market.

The PZBR family showcases a simple and traditional design, featuring a clear overcap to protect and enhance its overall aesthetic appeal. Crafted from environmentally-conscious PET material, this bottle can be elevated with the option of incorporating up to 100% PET PCR for sustainability.

Furthermore, it effortlessly pairs with an array of closure options including sprayers, lotion pumps, disc caps, screw-on caps, and more, all readily available to meet your specific preferences. With sizes range from 15ml to 500ml, the PZBR line is a great versatile choice for all sorts of creams, lotions, serums, liquid soaps, and more.

Ask about customization options when you request a quote from our team!

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