APC Packaging Patents Airless Refillable System

Fort Lauderdale, FL – APC Packaging has just received the US Patent for their Airless Refillable System (ARS).  This packaging system represents an evolution in sustainable packaging for the cosmetics and skincare industries.  The refillable system utilizes polypropylene throughout the entire system and can be used with 75% to 100% PP PCR (Polypropylene Post-Consumer Recycling) by package weight to reduce the carbon footprint and environmental impact of the packaging.

The ARS was designed to incorporate recycling and reusing by establishing a recyclable and replaceable inner cartridge for airless packaging.  The goal of the engineering team led by Director of Engineering & Innovation, Robert Bulla was to create a unit that was intuitive for user friendly use and reuse while also utilizing the proper materials for recycling. 

The Airless Refillable System designed by APC Packaging’s engineering department utilizes a simple push to release function, which allows the customer to easily replace only the inner cartridge and then easily slide and snap back into position, while still using the same actuator and outer bottle.   All features of this refillable system reduce the carbon footprint and environmental impact of the ARS.  The Airless Refillable System is currently available in 30ml and 50ml versions.

All innovations developed at APC Packaging go through a process from material selection, design, ease of use and cost effectiveness.  APC Packaging can work with you to ensure that your brand DNA and sustainability requirements are met.  APC Packaging received the 2020 LuxLife Magazine Health, Beauty & Wellness award for Most Sustainable Beauty Product Packaging Specialist for the Airless Refillable System.

Video: https://youtu.be/_z-KTJ1j4Y4

Landing Page: https://apcpackaging.com/airless-refillable-system/


US Patent #10,781,033

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