No Caps Required with APC Packaging's JH8 Twist-Up Airless Bottle


Looking for packaging that is unique and doesn't require a cap? Check out the airless twist-up JH8 from APC Packaging!

The square-shaped JH8 twist-up airless bottle features a twist to pop up and open or down and close the actuator. When closed, the pump is flush against the bottle giving it a clean look. The locking mechanism provides a unique way to dispense and also keeps your product airtight and away from harmful UV rays.

As usual, APC Packaging is there to help you deliver the best possible product and fulfill your branding requirements. The unique square mold will always draw customers' attention and it can be decorated to bring your company's identity and product benefits to life.

Feel inspired? Contact us now and learn more about this beautifully unique airless solution.

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